Episode 3

The Retail Wave Makers | Chris "The Flying Scotsman", Carnival Cruise Line

In the latest episode of The Retail Wave Makers Season 3, where we hear from different departments on board the ship and their interaction with retail, Nadine is joined today by Chris "The Flying Scotsman" Williams, Cruise Director on board Carnival Celebration!

Nadine and Chris explore the intricacies of being the face of the ship and the vital role of communication between departments, especially with retail. Chris sheds light on the unique initiatives and events that drive engagement, such as the 'Fun Aboard, Fun Ashore' initiative, where retail partners collaborate to offer exclusive deals and promotions.

With over 16 years’ experience at sea, Chris emphasizes the importance of authenticity and proactive communication in successful retail partnerships. From cross-branding events to creating personal connections with guests, Chris's passion for onboard retail shines through!

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